FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Do children need to wear a helmet?

The chance of a child being injured in a small fall is minimal. Nevertheless, the head can be in harm's way when riding lifts, when two skiers collide, or when a child is on the ground after a fall. For this reason, we recommend your child wears a helmet.


What age do children have to be to enter the ski school?

Children can start to learn the basics of skiing at about 4 years old.


Do children need poles?

Beginner and easy intermediate children don't need to use poles.


How much is a ski pass?

Click here for more information on the ski pass rates.


Do children need a skipass?

Children 6 years and older need a skipass.

Children born after 1 January 2018 can ride the lifts for free!


Clothing and sun protection:

Children should always have appropriate clothing, sunglasses (ski goggles), and sunblock on at all times.

High-cut trousers with a separate coat are ideal for smaller children. This way, when the weather is warm, and during games, the coat can be removed and/or the layers below can be adjusted.