Welcome to Luggi's Children's Ski School in Tux!

"Pure Skiing Fun" for beginners and racers alike!

Our programme is based on learning through play, relying on specially trained children's ski instructors and cutting edge learning aides like the Wonder Carpet conveyor lift, ski carousel, etc. in our Children's Ski Arena.

The highlight of the ski school week is the children's ski race - every Thursday at 10.30 am. Every child receives a medal. The very best receive a trophy cup!

The curriculum for the targeted development of children's ski technique, "From the Basics to the Master Level", guides our instructors through the children's ski course.

Please do not compare Children's courses with adult courses!

We point out that sometimes we can only accommodate children with reservation during holidays. Only with "online reservation" we can guarantee you a participation in a children's ski course!

Please note: For various reasons, we will no longer be able to offer a children's taxi (hotel pick-up) from the 2022/2023 winter season.

Dear parents!

Children must not be forced into having fun!
Parents and siblings rarely manage to provide a harmonious experience on the slopes.

What are the biggest mistakes that parents can make?

  • Children just starting out can quickly lose the feeling of fun and achievement by being drilled for improvement. This will only result in the opposite of the intended goals.
  • The ups and downs of skiing education are being judged the same way as accomplishments at school.
  • Children are reduced to focusing on good form and ignoring fun and games.
  • The mentality and physical conditions of children require a different educational approach than the ones suited for adults.
  • It is simply selfish to expect children to reward parents' expenses for costly ski equipment and holidays with great achievements on the slopes.

Please don't project your own ambitions onto your children!

Think about these comments and remember that our instructors are specially trained. This is the best way to preserve the joy of skiing.