Skiing lessons for adults

From winter 2023/2024 we will only offer private lessons for adults.



Imagine the thrill of descending the slopes!
You're concentrating on your movements, the position of your skis, the wind blowing past your face… There's no room in your thoughts now for conflicts and contradictions. Of course, a distracting thought might lead to a tumble in the snow if you lose your balance. And who wants to risk that?

The descent is absolutely perfect, and you only want one thing:
that it never ends, and you can fully give yourself in to the feeling.
For beginners or pros, our ski and snowboard instructors help you attain this fabulous feeling in the snow.


Do you want to experience a knuckle-"scraping" descent, the play of bodily strength, and the thrill of a 360° curve?
No problem - we're ready to show you how. Experience a one-of-a-kind sensation. In our group ski course, you will have the opportunity to learn the complete repertoire of carving techniques.

More information is available in our ski school office...

Easy Carving

  • gentle curves
  • quickly enjoy the thrill of skiing

All-round Carving

  • learn to carve with confidence, efficiency, and pleasure
  • stay in perfect form
  • get a boost for your skiing skills

Race Carving

  • learn to ski with tight, athletic curves
  • dreams of racing